Snap Cardholder - Black/Green

Sale priceLE 310.00 EGP

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Customer Reviews

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Khairy medhat

the wallet is really high quality however i thought the color would be more on the darker side but the current color is still good for me overall would really recommend it to someone who uses mostly cards

Ali Elguindy
Really high quality

the wallet is well made, very nice build quality

judy shalakani

Snap Cardholder - Black/Green

Hossam H.

جميلة جدا مناسبة للكروت أكتر فيها مكان للفلوس بس صغير يعنى لازم تطبق الورقة النقدية عشان تعرف تحطها فيها وجلدها وخامتها نضيفة جدا حاسس انها حتتحمل معايا فترة كبيرة طلبت اللون الاخضر × الاسود لونها اخضر غامق (زيتى) بس زى ما ذكرت فى الاول مناسبة للكروت اكتر يعنى لو عايز حاجة للنقد احسنلك اختار محفظة فى المجمل تجربة مرضية وتستاهل المبلغ المدفوع فيها

Zeyad K.

Amazing minimalistic wallet.
It contains one front pocket that has an opening at the top, and 2 rear pockets with openings from the side and the top too.
Easily fits 5 cards and extra cash.
I'm in love with the design, buying the green one was the best choice.
The color is slick and the leather gives off a luxurious feeling with an amazing quality.
Wouldn't recommend for people who store a lot in his/her wallet, but for minimalists who like to carry only the essential and at the same time rock an amazing look. I'd recommend it to them.
10/10 would recommend.

SaLeH E.

High quality

Ahmed D.

Perfect minimalistic design, and size
Excellent product